The exchange rate of the rupiah in the spot market experienced continued pressure until the end of trading on Wednesday


(28/2). The spot rupiah closed at Rp 15,692 per US dollar, reflecting a weakening of 0.29% compared to the previous day's closing rate of Rp 15,646 per US dollar. This movement in the rupiah's value is consistent with the trends observed in other currencies across the region.

As of 15:00 WIB, the Thai baht experienced the most significant depreciation among Asian currencies, dropping by 0.46%. Following closely, the Philippine peso and the South Korean won both closed lower by 0.29% and 0.19%, respectively. The Japanese yen also faced pressure, weakening by 0.17%. Additionally, the Singapore dollar slipped by 0.13%, while the Malaysian ringgit and the Hong Kong dollar depreciated marginally by 0.04% and 0.02%, respectively.

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