PT Krom Bank Indonesia Tbk. Launches Digital Banking Service, Krom

On Tuesday (27/2/2024), PT Krom Bank Indonesia Tbk. (BBSI), owned by the Kredivo Group, officially launched its operations. Alongside the launch, the company introduced its digital banking service, Krom.

According to observations from the AppStore, the Krom application is now available for download. "Krom is a digital banking application from PT Krom Bank Indonesia Tbk. designed to make it easier for you to manage your daily finances and allocate savings according to your financial goals," reads the description on the AppStore, as quoted on Tuesday (27/2/2024).

The bank claims that registration can be completed in 5 minutes, and users can choose their own account number.

As part of its offerings, Krom Bank presents several benefits and services:

High Interest Rates

Savings Interest: 6% per annum

Time Deposit Interest: up to 8.75% per annum

Free Transfers & Top-Ups

Enjoy free transfer and top-up quotas, up to 30 times per month.

Monthly administration fees are waived, providing relief from deductions.

Manage Money in One Account

Allocate your funds easily with 20 savings accounts.

Access up to 20 time deposit accounts.

Direct Interest Rate Comparison with Other Banks

With these features, Krom Bank aims to provide users with a convenient and rewarding banking experience, empowering them to manage their finances efficiently and achieve their financial objectives.

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