Emtek Group Launches Superbank Digital Banking App with High Interest Rates

Emtek Group has unveiled its digital banking application, Superbank. According to the App Store, the app was launched at the end of November. However, its usage is currently limited, with registration slots restricted. Superbank's full release is expected in the near future.

The Superbank app promises high-interest rates, although the exact rates have not been disclosed yet. Additionally, the app highlights its low transfer fee of only Rp1.

"Managing your finances becomes easier with Saku by Superbank. You can save for anything you want. Feel free to create a Saku for anything, from vacations to wedding expenses," the app description states, as quoted on Friday (1/12/2023).

As previously reported, South Korea-based digital bank KakaoBank Corp announced its plan to acquire a 10% stake in PT Super Bank Indonesia. Superbank, owned by the Emtek Group, is supported by Singapore Telecommunications and Grab.

According to Channel News Asia, KakaoBank will acquire the stake through a new share issuance. Ho Young Yun, the CEO of the South Korean digital bank, expressed their intention to collaborate with partners in ASEAN.

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