PT Petrindo Jaya Kreasi Tbk. (CUAN) responds to the news regarding Prajogo Pangestu's acquisition of PT Petrosea (PTRO) through CUAN. Management asserts that the news is inaccurate.

"It is not true. Up to this moment, the company does not own and/or sign any agreements/documents related to such transaction," wrote the management in a disclosure to the Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI), Tuesday (31/10).

The management mentions that currently, the company remains focused on operational and production activities, while still considering existing business opportunities and potentials.

In line with the company's growth plans in the mining sector, mining services, and related activities, the company is actively exploring and reviewing several potential mining assets and activities for investment, acquisition, cooperation, or other partnership forms that are expected to provide added value and positive support to the overall performance of the Company.

"Each of these potentials is still being carefully studied and examined by the company, particularly by considering healthy growth strategies, and to ensure the creation of the best synergy that can strengthen the company's position as one of the integrated mining companies in Indonesia," it explains.

As a follow-up to these growth plans, the management adds that the company is currently exploring several corporate action plans aimed at business development and the addition of important assets needed to support its activities.

"In executing corporate action plans, the company certainly engages in initial discussions and negotiations with third parties, where the company needs to consider factors that will affect the final/ultimate decision regarding these plans," it elaborates.

"As for matters related to corporate action plans, the company will comply with all applicable regulations, including being bound by confidentiality agreements related to these plans," it concludes.

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